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Riversong Cabin Pet Policy

Dear Guests,

To ensure a clean, comfortable cabin is available for all our guests, the following pet policy is in effect.  I truly appreciate your cooperation in making all our guests welcome....including our pets!

Mary Charles




We will accept up to 2 pets if they are under 40 pounds each. There is a $45 (plus tax= $51.64) nonrefundable pet deposit per pet. However, we only accept responsible pet owners who will follow 4 simple rules.

  • Pets are not allowed on any furniture

  • Pets are NEVER left unattended in the cabin unless they are crated

  • Guests bring their pets' own bedding and feeding dishes

  • Owners always scoop and bag poop.


By agreeing to rent Riversong Cabin, you are agreeing to follow these reasonable pet rules.  If you fail to comply with these rules, your stay will be terminated with no refunds for early departure and no re-booking.

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